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French Loaf, the only bread you’ll ever need

This bread might be the only bread recipe you’ll ever need. It’s super easy (even my kids can make it) and incredibly versatile. Toast it for breakfast. Use it for sandwiches at lunch. Roll out thin like a baguette to serve with charcuterie. Or, serve hot from the oven along side soup or stew for dinner. When it starts to go dry, use it for french toast or dice and toast for croutons.

Focaccia in a day

Salty, chewy and endlessly satisfying, this Focaccia can be made start to finish in one day and is the perfect side for your next bowl of soup!

No Fuss Sour Dough Bread

Who doesn’t love bread? I know I do! For a bread lover, there is something extra special about a loaf of Sour …

Soft Buns

It’s BBQ season and while we don’t eat a lot of meat, we do still enjoy burgers. This is especially true on …

No Knead Rustic Bread

This is hands down the easiest bread recipe I have ever encountered! No Knead Artisan Bread that will impress all your diners! …

Basic Bread Recipe

When it comes to delectable, perhaps the only thing that rivals the smell of bread baking is the warm taste of that …